Something I had in mind earlier today, and quickly brushed up before my inspiration goes dead.



I’m done with it.

After many frustrations, delays and shelvings, I am putting an end to this project.

I think it came out fine, but I don’t want to put anymore details. It too much mind boggling, and now I put an end to it.

Time to focus on other things.  I may make another evolution about it, I have about 60 iterations files weighting 200 meg each, it will take a while to take snapshots of everyone of them.


Student project.  Amazing.

Resuming where I left off.

January 27, 2009

This project was on the shelf for a long time.  I decided to resume it.  The achievement of  the perspective was a real pain in the ass.  Finally with the help of, I think I’m on the good way.

First Draft


last stage from 2005


This is where I am now:


I’ve hidden the background for now, to focus on the main subject.

You want your photo of your face, your wife, your pet  or favorite character with the same color of the popular Obama Hope illustration with the same colors? The genius behind the site has come with the possibility to build yours by simply uploading your photo to the site and adjust the color balance at your taste by pushing the color sliders.

Mine came up surprisingly good, even if I had to modify it a bit in Photoshop.


During my days at TouchTunes, I mostly spent my time tweaking Tune Central. It a search engine working with an Internet connection, where the users go when they can’t find a song on the local jukebox.   Here’s  a little video of  it evolution, from the draft concept to the final state.

Painting a Gallardo.

January 20, 2009

Horrific challenge, but it finished.

You can download the finished widescreen wallpaper on my Deviantart page.

Hello world!

August 3, 2008

Hello pretty pretty pretty.  Welcome to my art blog.  Where you will see my progression of my stuffs here.

So to give you a quick ideas of my arts, here’s some samples of my ongoing arts: