And just in time for Independence Day. Have a good one fellow Americans.

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Latest update:

added more details, struggle with the feet was painful.  Enlarged the frame for Wallpaper ratio.

I need add details to the bg, fireworks are placeholders for the moment

American Woman WIP

June 17, 2010

Resuming another piece of art for the 4th of July.

Never had time to finish, but almost near finished.

Some test on some device and some lightning / mood fixes before releasing to Deviantart.

Still not sure about the ‘Just Different’ title.  Changed from ‘Hack Different’ but I judge that it was enough with the ‘Think Different’ variations since Apple dropped that slogan a while ago.


Student project.  Amazing.

You want your photo of your face, your wife, your pet  or favorite character with the same color of the popular Obama Hope illustration with the same colors? The genius behind the site has come with the possibility to build yours by simply uploading your photo to the site and adjust the color balance at your taste by pushing the color sliders.

Mine came up surprisingly good, even if I had to modify it a bit in Photoshop.