My name is Jonathan.  People call me JonZ (Johns), it kinda my artist name.

I like expressing myself through design.  I might not be the most talented person out there, but I’m specifically seeking most of knowledge in many areas I like for the best of my survival.  I look forward to satisfy the most of my customership.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Jon said

    Sorry, I was unable to find an alternate means of contacting you. Would like to chat with you about using one of your hackintosh graphics on my Mini Cooper.

  2. PunkNugget said

    Hi Jonzy,
    I see that you have now put up your artwork for others to enjoy. Thank you for doing that. I was also curious, do have the “grilled” background to this particular screensaver that you created here?

    If you by any chance have that layered Photoshop file available for use, let me know. Thanks for whatever you can do… 🙂

  3. might wanna consider trademarking your images and get some $ – others are making a profit off it – hope you authorized this

    • PunkNugget said

      I don’t think a whole lot can or will be done about this because he allowed this logo to be used freely. He just wanted to make sure he got credit for anyone using his design. He says it here:

      Also, the link to’s site is a pretty weak version of his original (re)design of the Apple logo anyway. Lastly, they titled it wrong calling it “Anti-Mac.” It’s supposed to be a “pirated” version of the Apple logo. That’s why they call it a “Hackintosh.”

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